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Introducing the VRP ‘X’ Piston from Vision Racing Products. The ‘Patent Pending’ Piston Design delivers a stock looking piston that utilizes the familiar aspects of R/C pistons, such as hole size and number, with the addition of a rebound system. It is common knowledge in the motorcycle racing industry that these elements are present in their shock designs, and in fact have them tuned to be quicker rebound than compression. This increases the time the tire is on the ground by getting it down quicker and thus results in faster lap times because the tire is driving the machine forward when the tire is touching the surface. The rate of rebound has been extensively tested and the VRP Black ‘X’ Pistons have the correct rebound rate for the oil and spring range found on most vehicles today.

VRP Pistons

Available for 1/8 and 1/10 scale, they are very easy to understand. If your setup calls for 2 Hole 1.6 Pistons, you would still use the VRP 2 Hole 1.6 Pistons. If you use 8 Hole 1.2, you still use VRP 8 Hole 1.2′s. This will give you the same compression stroke you had. The difference is that the rebound stroke will be faster by a predetermined amount. This ‘Quicker Rebound’ will make a noticeable difference on the track for your buggy or truggy.

VRP Caddy

In VRP’s testing they found that a vehicle with VRP Pistons will:

  • Produce faster lap times.
  • Be more responsive in acceleration, cornering, and braking.
  • Soak up bumps and ruts better.
  • Have more useable ‘grip’.
  • Jump farther with less throttle, making obstacles much easier to manage.
  • Be more consistent. Less ‘catching’ or ‘bobbles’.


The Pistons are available now, and to carry them all check out their innovative Piston Caddy! The removeable insert fits both 1/10 and 1/8 pistons, and the case has a lock top to keep it closed.

Source: VRP