Schelle B44.3 Short Chasis

The Schelle B44.3 Aluminum Chassis set, debuted at the 2015 Reedy Race of Champions, is ready for production release! Pre-Orders are open now, with a release date of April 17th. The 2.5mm 7075 Aluminum CNC milled chassis plate is 3mm shorter. Coupled with a new front top deck the new length transforms the 44.3. The reduced length has 2 main effects; the first is that the car is much more fluid and easy to drive in the turns. The combined shorter wheelbase and increased rear weight bias stop the rear and front from fighting each other in the turns, and the car will follow a smooth arc without breaking loose. Secondly, the short wheelbase and increased weight bias aid in more traction on power and exiting corners. After getting through the turn, it’s easier to pick your line on exit and put the power down.

SCH1045_2 SCH1045_3 SCH1045_1


  • -3mm 7075 Aluminum Chassis Plate
  • -3mm 2.5mm Carbon Fiber Front Top Plate
  • Schelle B44.2/B44.3 Chassis Protector
  • Fits B44.3 only.

Source: Schelle