Exotek 22-4 Options

Exotek Racing has launched their newest TLR 22-4 option parts today, including new Twist Nut LiPo Post Set, Carbon Fiber Battery StrapAluminum Rear Hubs, and Heavy Duty Machined Front Pivot Brace.

The new twist nut LiPo posts eliminate the need for double body clips, and provide a trick and easy way to hold your battery strap in place. The lightweight carbon fiber battery brace accompanies the twist nut system, and is designed to work with either saddle or shorty LiPo configurations. Exotek’s aluminum rear hubs feature an upright ballstud design, allowing for further adjustment in roll center over the stock hubs. Last, but possibly the most desired, the heavy duty machined front pivot brace is a direct replacement for the stock front pivot brace (a known ‘weak point’ of the TLR 22-4).

DSC_0056__39561.1426112884.1280.1280 DSC_0038__14733.1426114440.1280.1280 DSC_0047__65754.1426114914.1280.1280 DSC_0045__53274.1426113741.1280.1280

All of these parts join the already extensive lineup of Exotek 22-4 options, which can be found HERE.