We received the following statement from RB Products today announcing that the company is “to be placed under the protection of the Commercial Court of Grenoble… The goal of this action is to ensure the continuation of the activity by the intervention of a new shareholder.

The news will naturally shock a few of our readers however here at NeoBuggy we take a positive pragmatic view on the statement from RB – a period of restructuring is ahead as they are able to retain the management but operating under difficult French company law and taxation rules requiring significant administration has made it incredibly hard for the company to survive in the long term – that said it shows a great deal of respect and class to see the company put out an official statement regarding their situation prior to the rumour mill running out of control.

RB as a company and brand were one of the first to support NeoBuggy, they have moulded and shaped modern day RC Racing starting off with fuel and engines only to hit even greater heights; memorably at the 2013 Euro B Championships with their record breaking car, engine, fuel, tyres, ADS victory – a feat very difficult to repeat!

As a functioning company with staff, warehouse, departments, end-to-end support etc. We wish them all the best for the future which surely is bright with an anticipated 2015 Engine release this week!

Official statement | Monday March 2nd 2015

We would like to inform everybody within the RC industry that RB company is in a transitional period with normal working days. The new 2015 engines range will be released next week.

For some time, the GR Fi Group (a shareholder in RB PRODUCTS) encountered difficulties with its banking partners. The best option was to be placed under the protection of the Commercial Court of Grenoble. Therefore, its subsidiary RB Products, is now under the same protection.

The goal of this action is to ensure the continuation of the activity by the intervention of a new shareholder.

This project will be finalized in March.

It will allow RB PRODUCTS to keep its leadership.

Most will know the French company and RB Products brand well – all over the World, a company since  1992. RB have got 4 World titles, 24 time European champions, hundreds & hundreds of national titles. All of that under different categories and especially 1/8, 1/10 nitro, off-road and on-road both. The first major titles have been with engines and fuel. But, more recently, RB challenged to also go on different area’s with tires, cars, tools, accessories, etc… and has been the only brand to get a major title with a full RB 1/8 off-road package (RB car, RB engine, RB fuel, RB tires & RB ADS) on 2013 in Italy with a young driver and again last year with the Junior European title in Germany. It is a thing that people like to see, people like to see that challenges against mammoths are still possible, people like competition results are also some time not 100% due to the team who is the richest and/or with the comfortable quantity of drivers. There are also alternative RC brands who have got experience, passion. RB is one of them, Yes We can ! With you !


Of course, the good things will remain (web site, quality products, competition, communication, Worldwide distributors, etc…) but certainly with even more fun, more hot news, new team driver…

Stay tuned !


PS : Any question/comments? Do not hesitate to directly contact us  team@rbproducts.com