Davide Ongaro

LRP is proud to announce that Italian top talent, Davide Ongaro, has joined LRP and as of this season will use the LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic Spec.2 Nitro Competition Engine for his 1/8 offroad racing.

Davide Ongaro is one of the rising stars in the international offroad racing scene. In his home country Italy, he’s regularly among the top drivers at prestigious national races. At the 2014 IFMAR 1/8 Offroad Worlds, Davide made it to the ¼ final. This is even more impressing, as his speed would have been fast enough for the semi-final but he suffered from badluck and had to retire.

The highlight of the season for Davide will be the EFRA 1/8 Offroad Euro at his home track in Sacile, Italy. Davide was looking for a well-known and top-class partner. As he’s already racing LRP’s World Champion equipment in the 1/10 electric offorad classes, he now decided for LRP as his engine partner for 1/8 offroad. The LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic Spec.2 Nitro Competition Engine combined with the LRP Screamer-93 exhaust system, LRP Works Team glow plugs and the great support of the Blue is Better racing team gives Davide and his father Mauro the confidence to reach his objectives.

Source: LRP