Still high on adrenaline after what will go down as one of the best races we’ve ever seen, Swede David Ronnefalk took victory at the 2015 Dirt Nitro Challenge Pro truck class after an epic thriller of a race with HB team mate Ty Tessmann.

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The 45 minute final started out with Jared Tebo leading away from pole position harrowed by Ty Tessmann behind, it looked as if Ty had the pace but a wily Tebo kept him at bay, the HB of Tessmann snapping at Tebo’s rear gearbox, a huge coming together on the front side, minutes into the race allowed Ronnefalk to speed through however this proved a prelude to what would develop as a race-long fight between the two HB drivers ensued with vibes of Rosberg/Hamilton of F1 fame as the pair traded passes.


As the HB trucks opened up an unassailable lead from Ryan Maifield in 3rd, Ronnefalk was able to keep a roundabout gap of 2-3 secs, which would fluctuate during fuel stops, Tessmann would stop once less at 9 mins, whilst Ronnefalk did 7:30 stops, a big advantage over 45mins but despite crashes from both drivers – pushing each other to the limit of racing and fairness they ended up on the same piece of real estate with 5mins left – all other drivers on track pure gentleman getting out of the leaders’ way. A terrible crash on Ronnefalk’s penultimate fuel stop looked to have handed the win to Tessmann but he himself would have mistakes making it all to play for.

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The pair had traded a few contacts, including a few sweet passes but it looked neck and neck and a photo finish until 2mins left where Ronnefalk reeled in a slowing Tessmann, a prelude to a broken front left arm that broke on Ty’s car which cemented David’s victory with only a lap left. A simply awesome final that will go down as a must watch: a case if there ever was that RC Racing can have a place on TV, IF the top level racing is always as exciting and unpredictable as this!