OS Speed B2101 Ty Tessmann Edition

The Exact 2014 IFMAR Worlds Winning Combo


Win the Worlds and dominate the 1/8-scale world for a few years, and you too could have your own limited edition OS Speed engine. It happened for Ty Tessmann, and who could be surprised? I watched Tessmann win the IFMAR Worlds online, I’ve seen his cars and set ups in person, and now, after receiving a little box from UPS today, I have Tessmann’s exact powerplant — spec’d the way he had his spec’d at the Worlds — sitting on my workbench. This is the OS Speed B2101 Ty Tessmann Edition combo, a limited release, collector’s edition engine/pipe set, and it’s rarity makes it something special indeed.


With the Tessmann combo (#OSMG2044), you’ll receive the exact engine, pipe, header and carb restrictor combination used by Ty to win the Worlds. The #2044 item is the only way to get this combination of parts, in part because the odd-size 5.8mm restrictor is not available for sale separately, and the 2002SC long manifold is an optional part that is not included with the 2090SC tuned pipe set. But really, the big deal here is the limited edition markings, the unique silver cooling head and unique crankshaft, all of which are marked with either Tessmann’s autograph, his logo or the “world champion” tag laser etched for posterity.

Mechanically and internally, there aren’t any differences between the standard B2101 Speed and the Tessmann Edition engines. Both are square stroke engines (16.4mm bore/stroke), and both feature low CG cooling heads, a 21J carb, and ultra premium DLC coated and balanced crankshaft. As noted, the Tessmann Edition engine comes packaged with a 5.8mm carb restrictor, which is unavailable for purchase–it is available only as part of this limited edition combo.


You’ll also find the excellent OS 2090SC tuned pipe set, complete with Tessmann’s signature and logos, and the aforementioned 2002SC long manifold in the box. The slightly longer 2002SC header gives the square stroke B2101 a slight bump in low-end torque, and a wider powerband. A P3 super hot glowplug is included, as are the usual gaskets and decals/instructions, plus a cool limited-edition black box packaging with full-color product sticker on the side.


I ran the Tessmann engine with the silver head removed and replaced with a used B2101 cooling head, just so that I could preserve the collector’s edition head without scratching it up. Like the original B2101 I tested a few months ago, the Tessmann Worlds combo is a screamer. Its square stroke design gives it a linear, smooth powerband that’s easy to control with a steady throttle finger but explosive when you need it to be. Fire up the B2101 and send it screaming down the straightaway, and everyone at the track will know you’re running an OS Speed engine–it just has a distinctive sound when combined with the 2090 pipe and 2002SC manifold.

When it comes to value, the Tessmann Edition set seems like a screaming deal at its $630 price tag. When purchased separately from Tower Hobbies (the retail outlet for Hobbico, the official US distributor for OS), the standard B2101 engine costs $499, and the 2090 pipe set is $189. If my math is correct, that’s $688…without the limited edition cooling head, restrictor and 2090/2002SC pipe/header combo. To own a part of 1/8-scale history in a limited edition, uniquely designed package for $50+ less than the standard versions, one must ask one’s self–why wouldn’t I buy this version? You won’t drive like Ty, but at least you can own the same powerplant he uses.

Web: http://www.osengines.com/engines-car/osmg2044/index.html
Part Number: OSMG2044
Price: $630