If you’ve read our reviews of the short stroke ProTek Samurai engine (here: Protek Samurai Review) and the current IFMAR World Champion OS B2101 buggy engine (here: OS B2101 Review), you probably know how I feel about the 2090 pipe design.  Manufactured by OS Engines as an OS-branded product, this pipe is now also available from ProTek (a division of A-Main) as the PTK-2090.  Priced at $169.99, the pipe set includes a long 2090 manifold, springs, two gaskets and a mounting setscrew.


My take on the 2090, when paired with the Samurai and/or either of OS’s Speed engines is simple.  In my opinion, the 2090 is superior to the 2060 in nearly every measurable way, from its power band production (long, linear power production) to its run time and even its exhaust tone.  I’ve yet to discover an application where the 2060 has outperformed the 2090, so I would recommend it for OS-based .21 buggy and truggy applications.  Some people may whine that the 2060 is the “RPM pipe” while the 2090 is the “torque pipe,” and without a dyno I cannot scientifically disprove these opinions.  On the track, however, both truggies and buggies feel faster, more powerful and controllable with the 2090 installed. That’s my take, anyway. It’s a popular choice for many racers in Southern California, including the AMain/Protek team, who have tried both pipes.  Whether you want a 2060 or 2090, both are now available with ProTek branding and pricing.  If you disagree with my take on the 2060/2090 pipes, feel free to opine in the comments below