The question very few (if anyone) knows the answer to: What are Adam Drake’s plans ?

After what appears to have been a rather abrupt, unplanned and hasty end to a 20-year career with Horzion/Losi/TLR brought about at the same time as Kevin Gahan was promoted to Horizon’s surface team manager, Adam Drake posted a magnanimous message on Facebook on Friday hinting his future is still undecided:

As of today I’m no longer an employee of Horizon Hobby. Although this was unexpected, I am grateful for my 20 years with TLR and excited about exploring my next career steps in an industry that will continue as a huge part of my life. I look forward to the discussing my opportunities with interested companies. []” – Adam Drake


The Adam Drake/TLR era has served both well, a squeaky clean highly presentable and wily racer, brand ambassador for sponsors, despite a racing career that may well have peaked, ‘The Drake’ is still considered a A-main ‘dead cert’ at any event he’s attending – his signature still highly valued in many circles.

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Ryan Maifield’s massive switch from Associated to TLR must be considered given Drake’s sudden exit, we believe Adam played an important role in coaxing the newly crowned Reedy Race Champion from arch-rivals Team Associated but did it simply come down to a financially-motivated exit ?

Horizon’s racing budget not able to support Drake as well as the present (Ryan Maifield, Dustin Evans) & the future (Dakotah Phend) ? Regardless of that the Maifield/TLR era appears to have given the fan-favourite driver a new lease of life as well as injecting some much needed ‘cool factor’ to TLR’s very ‘corporate’ racing image.

The Novarossi connection ?

Huge changes are expected to sweep through Novarossi, a massive clear out of drivers is expected with the biggest names switching as Novarossi restructure their racing budget as well as business – behind the scenes we’ve already seen a brand new North American distributor announced  which came as a shock to many. Steve O’Donnell (formerly with Horizon Hobby for a while) heading up the new ‘Novarossi America‘ / Star Distribution agreement.

Some believe that Drake’s planned appearance for Novarossi at the Nuremberg toy fair this week positions him as ‘Novarossi’s man in the USA’, however his own statement a day later (above) leaves questions unanswered.

novarossi drake_novarossi

Close friend, pitman and former TLR racer Casey Peck has made a very public switch to drive for/with US outfit Tekno RC – a potential destination maybe, although having recently signed Ryan ‘multi class’ Lutz, budgets might be tight & given that Adam worked fulltime for Horizon Hobby he is in the market for not only a drive, but also a job.

#DrakeGate – have your say, what do you think Adam’s plans are ? Comment!