There probably isn’t much I can tell you about the ProTek Pit Mat (#PTK-8151) that will wow you, particularly regarding my “testing.”  I unrolled it and placed lots of stuff on top of it. I cleaned it off several times, and it didn’t disintegrate or burst into flames. It measures 120x60cm (translated to US units, that’s 4ft long by 2ft wide), so it’s big enough to cushion all of your pit gear.  It’s blue, with ProTek’s sleek logo printed onto the lower right corner. And it’s made of textured, padded foam, so screws and locknuts don’t fire off into oblivion when they’re dropped on your wrenching surface. The ProTek mat is very, well…pit matty.

It’s priced competitively with other similar mats at $19.49, it’s easy to clean (I used Simple Green, and the logo wasn’t wiped away), and it comes with a mesh carrying bag that you may or may not continue to use after opening it the first time. So stop using your mom’s gigantic beach towel as a pit mat. That pink and purple flower design isn’t helping your track cred one bit. The ProTek pit mat will make your pit space look and feel pro for less than $20.