Jeremy Kortz broke the news via social media just before Christmas that he was leaving Agama and Nemo Racing. Earlier this week he spoke with about his racing career and the new direction he is heading in with his new company. It is still unknown for sure where Kortz will be headed, but the possibilities are endless. Kortz is known for his 1/8 scale offroad racing, therefore our guess is that he is looking for a company dedicated to the 1/8 scene (much like Agama). A veteran pro like Jeremy Kortz would make an excellent addition to a team/company looking to further their success and development in the United States, perhaps such as SWORKz, JQRacing, RB, Tekno, Mugen Seiki, or Intech Racing.

As the 2015 1/8 offroad race season is fast approaching, we anxiously await to hear where Jeremy will call home for 2015. In the meantime, where do YOU think he is headed?