Spraying a HB D413 3-piece body with Duratrax’s new polycarbonate paints.


Even though painting a clear polycarbonate RC body tends to be every racer’s least favorite chore, when it comes time to sling a “factory” single-color paintjob, racers reach for spray cans. Air brushes are complicated, and rattle cans work just fine. For years, the Lexan paint of choice has been Pactra’s Racing Finish, but that product line went the way of the Dodo bird not long ago. Coincidentally (or parhaps not), Duratrax released its RC Car Paint line at almost the exact moment that the Pactra line went under, leading many to believe that Duratrax took over Testor/Pactra’s paint division and bottled it under their own label. We aren’t sure ourselves, but what we do know is that Duratrax’s new spray paints look and feel nearly identical to the Pactra paints, which is a wonderful thing — especially given that Duratrax refers to their spray paints as available in “larger” 4.5oz spray cans. “Larger” than what, you ask? Larger than Pactra’s old 3.0oz spray cans.

The 4.5oz Duratrax spray paints are available in a slew of colors, from solids to metallics to pearls and fluorescents, and all are also available in 0.5oz bottles for airbrush use. Duratrax offers a liquid thinner in 0.5oz and 3.5oz glass bottles.

I sprayed several test bodies using the Duratrax rattle cans, and after painting even the largest short-course body with several coats, there was extra paint remaining in the can. Compared to the old 3.0oz spray cans, the 4.5oz cans nearly feel like they’re as big as a Rustoleum can. Obviously they aren’t, but it seems that way when laying down coat after coat of paint without coming up empty.

A few local painters told me that they hadn’t had much luck with the Duratrax paints, because the paint didn’t adhere as well as they expected. I didn’t experience this issue, and after further investigation, my friends indicated that they had not washed the body prior to painting (as I do, with dish soap and warm water). Lesson learned: to get the longest life out of your new paintjob, take the extra time and wash the bodies before you paint them. You never know what type of mold-release spray body manufacturers use. Better safe than sorry.

Check out the web link below for Duratrax’s full line of colors, paints and painting accessories like masking tapes and thinners.

Part numbers vary by color
Price: $8 for 4.5oz spray; $4.50 for 0.5oz bottles