TLR Options

Over the past few weeks TLR has quietly released a list of new option parts and accessories for a little bit of everything. In the 1/10 scale department, TLR has launched their new Aluminum MM Rear Camber Tower (fits 22/2.0/T/SCT), LRC 2.0 and 2.5 Degree Rear Pivots (fits 22-4), Front Hinge Pin Set (fits 22-4), and 22 Series Hardware Box. In the 1/8 department, TLR has released the 8IGHT-T 3.0 Electric Body for truggy racers converting their 8IGHT-T 3.0 from nitro to electric.


TLR336002 TLR234036 TLR334024 TLR334023 TLR334019 TLR340000