The World Famous indoor Yatabe Arena in Tsukuba, Japan will be hosting the 2015 IFMAR 1/10 World Championships, the event looks set to be a trendsetter not only the first ‘indoor’ Worlds in 1/10th but also with the current layout and track made up of astroturf. Somewhat of a topic for discussion between the various world blocs (EFRA, ROAR, FAMAR, FEMCA) within IFMAR, which will likely be voting on whether to allow the Yatabe track to be 100% astro or otherwise.

Our sources tell us the host bloc have proposed to go with astro/carpet, however we already hear that some manufacturers are already working on cars ‘specifically’ for that eventuality – designed and developed only for that surface… The current IFMAR rule is clear & pretty strict; only natural dirt, free of rocks etc.

The proposal included limiting track time to avoid any local favoritism, turning the indoor onroad track at Yatabe into the Worlds-only offroad track however with certain nationalities much more experienced than others on astro/carpet type surfaces it conjures up questions not dissimilar to those faced last year when high-bite sugared tracks seemed to favour other driver nationalities and cars!