As we could not wait for the official press release, we contacted XRAY to get some exclusive information on what we can expect on the new 2015 XB8. Juraj Hudy, chief designer for the off-road division at XRAY, disclosed some exciting information exclusively to us regarding the new buggy.

Juraj says, “The XB8 has been a very successful car. With the first prototype we put 2 cars on podium at the Euros in 2013 and missing the win by only a fraction of second… then repeating the same success at the recent 2014 Euros. The XB8 has won dozens of national titles around the world, and during the entire year the vast majority of feedback and comments from customers were extremely positive. The R&D team did not rest and worked diligently on further improvements. We tested dozens of different parts to push the development another step or two further. You might find it hard to believe, but the majority of parts we tested did not give significantly large improvements, and as such most of the parts we tested during the year did not make it into the final spec of the car; we selected only those few parts that gave better reliability and/or performance.

We have had a challenging task to improve on an already very good car, and as such the list of improvements for 2015 is not very extensive but the improvements are still significant, and will definitely improve the XB8.

With fewer changes made for 2015, we suppose that many customers will be happy as the majority of parts will remain the same and are fully compatible with the previous version. Of course on the other hand, many other customers may not be happy as they will find the list of changes not sufficiently long.

Nevertheless, development never stops for XRAY and our R&D team. You can be sure that you will see us at races around the globe in 2015 to support our XRAY customers, and of course to continue development work on the XB8 platform.”

From the sounds of things the XB8’15 follows thhe age old tale of quality over quantity. Regardless of the number of changes made to the XB8 for 2015, we have a sneaky suspicion that each and every one of them will pack quite a punch. Stay tuned for the official release coming soon.