Year after year we continually see new releases in the form of cars, option parts, etc. One area that does not often see a new release is the scoring software department. After months of preparation, testing, and development, our good friends at have officially launched their all-new ‘LiveTime’ scoring software today. This innovative new scoring software provides track owners and race promoters an affordable way to provide their racers one of the highest quality and easy to use scoring software to date.

“After years of running races with other software programs, we set out to provide an all-inclusive solution that’s simple to learn, and even simpler to use…”

LiveTime is designed to integrate seamlessly with LiveRC to broadcast scoring, video, and results to viewers around the world via real-time cloud synchronization. LiveTime also interfaces with a global driver database that allows users to view their results archives from any track in the world.


“After years of running races with other software programs, we set out to provide an all-inclusive solution that’s simple to learn, and even simpler to use,” said LiveTime founder Brandon Rohde. “Not only was it important to create a program that worked flawlessly with no hiccups or bugs, but we wanted to take full advantage of the technology we’ve already created in order to help tracks make the most of their efforts while empowering the social aspect of RC racing.”

After being tested locally and in the background of international races for much of the 2014 season, LiveTime made its public debut as the official scoring software at the 2014 IFMAR 1:12 and ISTC World Championships in Florida. Additionally, LiveTime has excited so many race directors and promoters that it has already been selected as the official timing system for many of the world’s largest races in 2015 and beyond, including the 2016 IFMAR 1:8 Nitro Off-Road Worlds in Las Vegas, 2016 1:12 and ISTC Worlds in China, Reedy Race of Champions, Snowbird Nationals, The Dirt Nitro Challenge, CRCRC Midwest Championships, Silver State Nitro Challenge, and many more.

Rather than charge a big up-front price, LiveTime software is offered in two tiers and is available risk-free for 30 days. Tracks using LiveTime software simply pay a small monthly fee for those months when the facility is operating, which grants access to free software updates and unmatched customer support.

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“LiveTime was developed in conjunction with race directors who organize everything from typical weekend club races to the largest and most prestigious events in the world,” said LiveTime’s chief programmer Cory Kroll. “There’s so much more potential with this program than any other,” said Cory, “and it’s all packaged neatly into a system that’s stable, intuitive, and easy to use.”

Almost anything in LiveTime can be drag-and-dropped, including detailed driver profiles that make setting up weekly races faster than ever. Race directors and drivers alike will fall in love with LiveTime’s advanced practice mode. Announcers will have access to a real-time top qualifier chart, as well as lists for turn marshals and the drivers in the following heat, right at their fingertips. Disqualifying drivers or adding transponders has never been easier. And with easily configurable widgets, track owners can share race results and video replays to Facebook and websites with the click of a mouse.

LiveTime is ready to change the way that tracks organize races, and how drivers around the world interact with each other. For more information on LiveTime, and to sign up for a free 15-day trial, go to