Lutz Tekno

As the ‘Silly Season’ madness continues, more and more updates and rumors come pouring through the door today. One of the biggest being a possible clue saying the Ryan Lutz is headed to Tekno RC. RCSignUp is the largest online R/C race registration site in America. When entering a race, you must list your equipment and vehicles you are racing. Some make quick random picks just to speed up the process, others actually choose their true equipment. It is no surprise that Ryan Lutz has signed up for the Psycho Nitro Blast, an event he has been quite successful at in year’s past, but what IS surprising is the equipment he has listed to be running.

Tekno Lutz

Since this has become publicly noticed, Lutz has changed his equipment brand, listing a Traxxas Slash as his vehicle for the event. Is Ryan playing games with us, or is Tekno RC truly his new home?

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