From our hidden mics and insiders at the EFRA AGM taking place this weekend in Valencia, Spain we have some of the dates to look out for 2015 and beyond.

EFRA GP, Noeux les Mines, France – 2nd weekend in April
International Race, Ware, UK – 1-3 May
International Race, Sacile, Italy – 8-10 May
Euro ‘B’, Ware, UK – 12-14 June
Euro ‘A’, Sacile, Italy – 6-11 July
1/8 Electric Euros, Fehring, Austria – 1-2 August
40 Euros, Noeux les Mines, France – 2nd weekend Sept

Euro A hosts: Redovan, Alicante, Spain
Euro B hosts: Freixedas, Portugal
1/8 EL Hosts: Zagreb, Croatia