Whilst at the World Championships in Sicily last month, we reported a couple of times on TLR supposedly testing a mythical ‘wider chassis’ – it became clear however that neither Adam Drake, Ryan Maifield or Dakotah Phend ran the chassis during the actual event, perhaps only Adam Drake testing it early on we understand quite a few TLR team drivers tested the wider prototype chassis during the early practice days.

However, whilst filming down by the TLR pits we came across an interesting looking chassis on TLR team driver Casey Peck’s pit table – the Arizona-native and good friend of many opting to run this development part, whether it makes it into production or even as an option we don’t know however Casey’s response when asked toed the company line;

“TLR is always working on new stuff to test but no plans for anything new that I’m aware of.”

Our eagle eyed reporter however snapped a few photos and the engine has been moved slightly outwards, a bit more conventional and also a large departure from the original 8ight buggy platform design; the first car which featured everything very centralised and narrow and offset rear center drive shaft which is typically straight on normal 8ights but now at an angle.

Update: An insider has told us that the prototype chassis doesn’t offer any huge benefits on smooth surfaces, with the main aim behind it being reducing front dogbone wear and making the car ‘slightly easier to drive’ since the wider chassis reduces chassis roll, thus more suited to rough conditions.

AT4_0092 DSC_3280 DSC_3283 AT4_0061