Martin Bayer

It’s no secret that racers will do whatever it takes to win, or at least whatever THEY think it takes to win. Often times this means running a product they feel is superior at that given time to what their sponsoring companies offer. Primarily this is seen when drivers are struggling with tires, engines, or perhaps fuel. Secretly they run a product manufactured by their sponsors competition in order to gain the edge they are looking for.

This scenario just so happened at the 2014 IFMAR World Championships in Italy, when AKA’s Martin Bayer took the track in the Final running Pro-Line tires. AKA has taken a stand today making a public announcement, releasing Bayer from the AKA race team for his decision.

“AKA is regretfully announcing the release of Martin Bayer from the AKA race team. This action was dictated by the decision of Martin and his chassis sponsor to run a tire other than AKA in the world championship final. We wish Martin all the best in 2015.”

Bayer XB8

This is not the first time we have seen a contract terminated due to similar situations, but it is the first in recent years on such a large scale. Will this change the minds of top racers choosing to run the competitors products in the future?