RC8 Prototype

Team Associated, its been a rocky year for the 27x World Champions – at least in 1/8 Offroad, designer departures, scrapping the former prototype, Maifield leaving, however they showed a real team ethic at the 2014 Worlds last week after turning up with a VERY early prototype buggy which they asked us not to photograph in detail (no under the hoods etc).

However with Ryan Cavalieri taking 2nd overall with this mysterious buggy saw our inbox overflow with requests for photos, we had a few of course – the car wasn’t exactly hidden, and given the length of the event (I think we missed a birthday or two ?!) we had to do something… so feast your collective eyes on a few spy photos of the car that the Cavalieri, Neil Cragg, Yannick Aigoin trio ran at the Worlds.

AT4_9120 AT4_0013 AT4_0017 AT4_9108

In an interview with Yannick Aigoin at the Worlds he said the car was “really easy to drive” – and he was optimistic of achieving a better team result than in Argentina.

Please note both team manager Brent Thielke and new 1/8th designer Kody Numedahl stressed this was basically a car they put together for this event, with the finished version being quite different, however it seems to have worked pretty well with AE’s best result so far with 2nd for Cav and Neil Cragg barely missing out on the final.