We were first introduced to Bittydesign’s Black Hawk short course body at their Euro Contest event back in June, and after a bit of fine fine tuning and tinkering, its now available for general release for all SC enthusiasts. The main concept or USP (unique selling point) behind the Black Hawk is the large rear vertical fin located behind the cab, the fin can be bolted on or removed depending on driver preference and track.

The use of the fin improves stability in the high speed corners and stability while jumping.

The body come with a complete kit that include screws/nuts/plastic washers to fix at best the fin and the side numbers plates. The Black Hawk is produced with genuine Lexan, protective film, a big decal sheet and window masks complete the product.
Source: Bittydesign

3-4-Ant-DX Post-DX Only-Body NoFin-Post-DX