Heres an awesome treat for the hardcore enthusiasts amongst you, rewind 20 years back in time and the 1994 IFMAR Worlds were held in Kirschlag, Austria on a hillside track, enjoy the video, commentary in Italian but its still great, how different the tracks we race on were back then, not to mention the cars! Click ‘more’ to read Mike Cradock’s own account from the 1994 Worlds!


Kirschlag ’94 – Maurizio Monesi [Italy] – Kyosho / OPS / Cournon

This was out in the middle of nowhere in Austria in August and didn’t have that much of an atmosphere, as all the hotels were small and far between. Marshals were very poor for such a big event. All the Brits thought they had a good chance as it was all on grass something the UK only raced on at the time! This had an all mighty hill about 1 in 4 descent with an off camber turn in the middle of this hill, something which Sweden copied in their track later on. USA where quite well represented here with Mugen USA having at least 10 drivers managed by the crazy Jerry Lamb, I think he spent their budget on the first 2 nights out drinking, they had to get wired some money to make the rest of the week. Format was different as the top 5 from each semi into final. We had 3 Brits in the final a young lad called Dave Crompton using Mugen ,his first WC Stewart Wilcox Mugen and Laurence Harris Kyosho. Laurence just getting the last bump up spot from a young Laffranchi (Crono) running out of fuel on the last lap up hill! This was my first WC final I was to pit for Laurence starting midfield he moved up slowly into 3rd placed and stayed there till the end with some great pressure from TQ man Daniel Reckward (Mugen). Kris Moore while being lapped by Catozzi spun in the chicane and Catozzi hit him head on breaking his Tag car loosing his laps lead!


Monesi’s winning Kyosho

Dave Crompton was also leading at one point strongly when a back marker was not spotted by the ref and Dave tried a break neck manoeuvre which resulted in him breaking! Good result for UK and Kyosho with a Brit first time in our history to make top 3 at world level in this class and top three podium for Kyosho! Tyres of choice were Medial Pro. USA 19 places used out of 40 getting better!

I think this was Mark Pavidis, Mike, Steve Dunn and Brian Kinwald’s first 1/8th worlds (Mugen) By this time Kris Moore and myself had got to know each other well, also with Mickey Shimizu, Kris & I decided to jack Mickey’s hire car up so one wheel was off the ground and stick about 5 conkers (horse chestnuts) up his exhaust, when he started it up about 3 conkers flew out with a lot of back firing and nearly broke a shop window across the road then he put it in gear to find that it wouldn’t move as it was diffing out! Also it was Tim Long’s first WC so he was the chosen driver of the minibus, each day he asked what gear the bus we would go in from 1st to 3rd, we always picked 1st gear so he would drive all the way to the track in 1st gear, some 3 miles with the rev limiter bouncing!