Ty Tessmann (Canada), 21

Chassis: HB D812
Engine: OS B2101
Tyres: Pro-Line
Fuel: Nitrotane
Radio & Servos: Sanwa M12, Savox
Body: Pro-Line ‘Type R’
Event: 2014 IFMAR World Championships – Giardini Naxos, Italy
Notes: Running a lot of new parts on the D812 for this event which will be available afterwards, one of the major changes is the Pro-Line lexan wing developed by Ty & Gord with Pro-Line as well as the new lighter weight wing mount from Torrance Deguzman. New rear gear box, new radio tray with larger receiver battery box & rear hubs with new geometry.

Ty is also running very trick wheel hubs with magnetic wheel nuts developed by family company 110% Racing, when used with the wheel wrench the nut won’t fall out of the wrench, see separate post. In the 2nd round of free practice on Saturday Ty also tried a slightly longer chassis. Gord also told us that they are running bone stock shocks, however the lower threads have been sanded down and removed and then polished.


AT4_1553 AT4_1567 AT4_1568 AT4_1569AT4_1570 AT4_1571 AT4_1572 AT4_1573 AT4_1574 AT4_1551 AT4_1552 AT4_1554 AT4_1555 AT4_1556 AT4_1558 AT4_1559 AT4_1560 AT4_1561 AT4_1562 AT4_1563 AT4_1564