Ty Tessmann’s HB D812 has been the star of the Worlds so far so having already done an Under the Hood, we thought we’d take a closer look and lift the covers on Tessmann’s buggy with help from designer Torrance Deguzman.

Torrance showed us all the new parts which will be available soon as options for the D812, in a nutshell the only remaining legacy of the original 2008 Worlds-winning D8 buggy is the steering system, everything else is new since then. However, rather interestingly, all the new parts are reverse compatible with the old car.


Starting with the frontend, one of the most visible new parts on the car is the gearbox, compatible both in the front and rear, the gearbox and the new input gear uses less parts than the previous version for reliability and less overall weight.


The new machined caster blocks offer revised camber link holes and more caster angle options (15°, 17,5° and 20°).


The servo saver is now aluminum, with a clamping adjuster nut.


The new radio tray retains the same layout as the old one but now allows most LiPo receiver batteries to fit.


The new center bulkhead has a split design for easier diff removal. The brake cams and levers are updated accordingly as well.


The air filter assembly is new, with a larger diameter connecting hose.


The rear hub assembly has been updated with additional carbon plates for more camber link adjustments.


The wing mount is now a light weight 1 piece part, available in standard height and +10mm height, actually developed in close conjunction with Pro-Line’s new lexan trifecta wing covered previously at these World Championships.



Finally, the shock caps are new, eliminating the little gap between the shock body and the cap of the previous model, which was easily filled up with dirt, despite rumours the shock bodies themselves are stock only sanded down and removed lower threads and then polished.