Robert Batlle put a stop to Ty Tessmann’s practice dominance, at least for now as Robert said he was happy with his run having gone thicker on oil, springs and changed quite a few things, pleased with the balance, consistency as well as raw speed. Again the same top 3 drivers, just rotating in order, Ronnefalk occupying the P2 position whilst a slightly off run from Tessmann – father Gord saying he might have been slightly nervous playing it’s part.

EUR_2278 EUR_2250 EUR_2252 EUR_2254

No such luck for Darren Bloomfield however, the Agama driver lapping well until he broke his car, with timing only counting in the last 5mins it puts him under serious pressure for later. TLR’s Dakotah Phend looks to have found a turn of pace, this time backing up team mate Maifield’s timechart ascendancy yesterday. Davide Ongaro continues to impress mightily whilst Tebo climbs from 13th yesterday to 7th so far today as well as Savoya moving up the ladder, not so for Martin Bayer however who doesn’t make the top 12.


1. Robert Batlle – 1:51.754
2. David Ronnefalk – 1:51.896
3. Ty Tessmann – 1:52.212
4. Dakotah Phend – 1:52.402
5. Lee Martin – 1:52.421
6. Ryan Maifield – 1:52.591
7. Jared Tebo – 1:53.074
8. Ryan Cavalieri – 1:53.083
9. Davide Ongaro – 1:53.418
10. Reno Savoya – 1:53.625
11. Kyle McBride – 1:53.787
12. Jerome Aigoin – 1:53.792

Controlled Practice Round 1 Overall

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