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Weekend before last, we were in beautiful Italy, covering the EURO Contest, hosted by the BittyDesign team at the fabulously ‘3D’ track in Barco, whilst not scoffing italian gelato (ice cream) and watching the exciting generation of Italian kids fly round the track we were kindly invited to visit BittyDesign’s HQ in Rubiera.

Located next to the family home where the three RC mad Rabitti brothers grew up (Riccardo, Stefano & Davide), is the office, warehouse and Stefano’s painting studio, where he works his magic on countless of high quality production bodies. Since BittyDesign’s company inception they have raised the level and changed the game when it comes to bodies, accessories and of course Stefano’s custom painted bodies. Where theres success, there are copies but its great to see small family companies such as this do well despite competition from ‘backyard manufacturers’ operating outside of rules and tax regulations.

The latest super hit has been Bitty’s Claymore sunglasses, they were everywhere round the track in Italy and we expect them to continue to be a must have accessory for any self respecting racer!


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