Robin Frischkopf (Switzerland) – EURO Contest

Chassis: XRAY XB8
Engine: FX 5K,
Fuel: Power Save Racing
Tyres: RB
Radio & Servos: Futaba 4PK, Xpert SN-5401 BLS
Notes: Running small mods here and there, a nice O-Ring rear body mount post as well as coloured wheels which Robin says he borrowed from another driver after ‘it annoyed him’ to perhaps try the same, and found it helps him to set his brakes during races i.e. not locking up.

EUR_8361 EUR_8362 EUR_8363 EUR_8366EUR_8367 EUR_8369 EUR_8371 EUR_8372 EUR_8373 EUR_8375 EUR_8376 EUR_8378