The start of qualifying would demonstrate ‘home track’ advantage as the fast heat 6 boasted a full heat of Italian drivers, the two practice pacesetters – Riccardo Rabitti and Riccardo Berton however would be eclipsed by TLR driver Alessandro Stocco, having missed yesterday’s practice he was immediately on the pace in this mornings practice round and looked right at home on the freshly watered Barco track which is looking quite sublime under the summer sun in Italy.

Stocco TQ’d by 1 second over Riccardo Berton who had a slightly tardy first lap before clicking off a whole host of 36 sec laps whilst Stocco flew out of the gate with two 36.2 sec laps to set himself up nicely for the rest of the heat. Radiosistemi’s Riccardo Rabitti ended up less than a 10th off Berton in 3rd mainly due to a bad last lap, where he lost at least a second, had he not, he might have even TQ’d… Giovanni Del Prete in 4th whilst Baruffolo took home 5th.

Live Timing from the race

Round 1 F1 Buggy:

TQ Alessandro Stocco
2. Riccardo Berton
3. Riccardo Rabitti
4. Giovanni Del Prete
5. Marco Baruffolo
6. Fabio Truppia
7. Stefano Cantoni
8. Walter Floris
9. Leonardo Valente
10. Gerd Pfeifer
11. Mirko Bianchi
12. Eghlis Gallo
13. Robin Frischkopf