This weekend we’re in Barco, Italy located in the Reggio Emilia region – close to Maranello, home of the legendary Ferrari factory. But we’re not here to go red-car-spotting, but focus on the EURO Contest hosted by BittyDesign at the Barco track.

NeoBuggy will be providing full coverage of the three day event which sees around 100 drivers compete with the top Italian drivers such as Marco Baruffolo, Ale Stocco, Riccardo Berton, Rabitti, Perin all on hand in addition to some international flavour through the likes of Yael Zurfluh, Robin Frischkopf not to mention Gerd Pfeifer


The EURO Contest is as the name suggest the ‘Euro’ version of BittyDesign’s successful ‘CONTEST’ series, with keen readers aware of their popular ‘ASIA Contest‘ every year in Pattaya, Thailand. Both events have a much more relaxed and fun style than typical events such as nationals or federation-backed races – a strong emphasis on #ThePerfectRacingWeekend with great music playing, on site beer garden and not forgetting why we’re here: a stunning 3D track!

Arriving Friday morning, the track still had a few damp patches but considering a huge intensive rainfall on Thursday, its in great shape, the organising team having worked hard to pump out excess water and scrape off the mud in low-lying sections. Practice scheduled to start 13:30 local time.

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