After such an epic truck final, we were treated to a scintillating thriller which more than lived up to the billing and hype, however it wasn’t part ‘deux’ of the Tessmann vs. Phend finale but rather a Maifield vs. Tessmann masterclass.

The final started out with Phend leading Maifield and Tessmann round with Wernimont trailing in 4th, that was until a catastrophic title-ending crash from Phend on the left hander onto the back straight, his TLR buggy landed end over and flew upside down off the track past the berm, it took an adventurous marshall a while to recover the car, at which time Phend came out towards the back of the pack and seemingly out of contention.

AT4_1272 AT4_1282 AT4_1303 AT4_1337

This left Maifield and Tessmann pulling away from the pack, and a 50 min battle ensued, both drivers pitting on the same lap, again and again, the pair super tight shadowing each other waiting for mistakes. And so it eventually came from the leader Maifield, crashing in the far side double double, losing a chunk of time and his lead, did this signal an immediate Tessmann cruise-to-victory ? not at all, as Tessmann also made a bad mistake, hooking the hairpin inside pipe and getting all caught up, losing all his lead but just managing to keep the lead.


The pair traded blows with Maifield eventually getting past and opening up a sizeable gap, which looked stable, Maifield making no mistakes and looking very fast, however Tessmann found some extra speed and began to slooooowly reel him in lap after lap, Tessmann would get past and a last 5mins tussle came to life as Maifield desperately tried to rescue his awesome title challenge. The pair of them both deserving of the big prize, yet only one of them coming home with the #1 spot.

AT4_1401 AT4_1439 AT4_1349 AT4_1360

With only a lap left, Maifield had Tessmann behind him shadowing his every move, he sent it up the inside Maifield giving him room but couldn’t find a way past until after the straight, a beautifully crafted inside pass but the pair ended up colliding on the step up, maybe more of a last ditch effort from Maifield. Despite a few squirly laps from Tessmann he would end up taking the victory as a mistake in the infield saw Maifield’s hopes fade, two amazing races, prizes should have almost been shared for the show that the drivers put on.

Finally let us not forget a stunning finish from Ryan Lutz, taking 3rd in both buggy and truck, if there ever was a prize for ‘best of the rest’ Ryan gets it!

AT4_1452 AT4_1486 AT4_1506 AT4_1633

A huge thanks to the drivers for great finals, Thornhill, ROAR and special thanks to Daniel from Pro-Line for our air conned pit setup and our sponsors Absolute Hobbyz, Alpha RC and A Main Hobbies

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