Jeremy Kortz (37, USA) – 2014 ROAR Nats

Chassis: Agama A8 Evo
Engine: Werks B6
Fuel: Werks
Tyres: Pro-Line Blockades
Radio & Servos: Airtronics, Airtronics ERS-962
Notes: Kortz & team mate Kinsey are running Euro style versions of the A8 Evo, with the new kingpin and suspension arms. A new chassis and radio tray are expected later this year in time for the worlds.
AT4_9753 AT4_9756 AT4_9761 AT4_9763 AT4_9771 AT4_9736 AT4_9733 AT4_9729 AT4_9727 AT4_9724 AT4_9720 AT4_9717

AT4_9743 AT4_9747 AT4_9744 AT4_9750