Hara picked up where he left off in qualifying and tore the field apart in the main.  He was in another class, the track deteriorated and it suited the Japanese master.  His precision and ability to keep the car on such a tight line paid off the Sworkz team.  Visibly faster in sections, he started well, gapped the flied and took off in to the distance.  By 17 minutes he had lapped the field and then it was just a question of how much would he win by.

The battle for second place started off with a great fight between Wataru, Zac Ryan and Aaron Stringer.  All three kyosho traded places for a few laps but they got together with an ambitious pass by Wataru and Zac Ryan ended up coming off worse in that encounter.  From then on the race was fairly non eventful in the front of the pack.  Wataru consolidated second and Aaron held third from young Thai driver Napatree.  Napatree was pushing hard to keep fourth position as Zac Rayn hunted him down, it looked like being a great battle until Zac broke his Kyosho and that ended his FEMCA campaign.

Down the field cars were dropping like flies, the track was brutal. Dusty and with all sections breaking up it was tossing cars at high speed and plenty of the field retired with breakages.   Ultimately the best driver prevailed, Hara wheeled his prototype Sworkz to a convincing victory, the crowd got to see him in action at his best.  The car has developed since Bitty Asia Contest in April and with a couple more revisions to go before the worlds Hara will be looking to extract more speed form his ride as he looks for another world championship for this trophy cabinet.