Apprentice over Master.  Day two is in the books as Wataru piloted his Kyosho to TQ in two rounds with Hara only managing to top the timesheets in the first round of the day. With qualifying over eight rounds with the best five to count consistency has paid off for a few drivers who have completed all five rounds with no DNF’s.  Hara was not one of those today as he had a DNF in round four; he ended the day in eleventh overall.

Day two was all about Wataru. He tore the track apart.  Driving with maturity he completed all his rounds and sits atop the list of FEMCA participants.  The question in the pits was could he continue it tomorrow and apply pressure to his countryman.  Sitting in second is Aaron Stringer, his Kyohso picked up a third and two seconds today and he is consistency laying down fast times.  Coming off a great result at C-Netic last year he has stepped up a notch.  No doubt running with Kyle McBride in his hometown has helped to push Aaron and he brought it to the track today with some great driving.


Consistency and pace has placed David Lim in third place, the local driver capitalizing on plenty of laps and good driving today as he locked away five good runs placing him in good contention for the semis.  Huang from Taiwan is another who has had five great runs, and right behind him is a string of drivers who have all locked away solid runs locking them in to semi positions.

The track today deteriorated only in the last round, the crew did a great job in watering early in the morning and for round one the track was in good condition.  Grip increased as the temperature rose and sun cooked the track.  It peaked at over 50 degree in surface temperature in the late afternoon with ambient temps in the high thirties.  The surface had huge grip and caught many drivers out between rounds as mistakes were made by most.  With the round taking about two and a half hours to complete drivers had to deal with dramatically different surfaces.

Casualties from today were many, Hara and Zac Ryan both fell out of the top four and we will have to wait until at least Q6 tomorrow for them to get another good run in and drop their DNF from today.  It will be an interesting final day of qualifying, all of the top 10 have completed all five rounds so they can afford to push and go faster or use the day to test setups and prepare for the semis.

When we look at the top ten one thing stands out, 70% of the drivers are all running the Kyosho chassis.  As we look around the pits it’s certainly the most popular car and it’s the one that is performing.  Yuichi Kanai would be pleased.  With good weather predicted for the next few days FEMCA 2014 promises to deliver some great racing.