Inferno MP 10

We love a speculative story here at NeoBuggy and heres one for those of you out there who like a good conspiracy theory and what not…

Is the next Kyosho platform about to be released ?

Looking at the evidence the current MP9 platform and ‘TKI3’ buggy version is arguably hailed as the ‘best’ allround car on the market, it pretty much works everywhere and the team’s drivers tend to be made up of race-winners… not runners up – proving the platform’s prowess.


However, historically Kyosho’s platform product cycle would surely suggest that the MP9’s lifespan is closer to retirement-age rather than starting to learn how to walk – the original MP9 platform first saw light in mid 2008, some 6 years ago. In the time since we’ve witnessed several different versions and upgrades:

Original MP9 TKI – October 2008
MP9 Standard car – June 2009
MP9 TKI 2 – July 2010
MP9 TKI 2 WC – Feb 2011
MP9 TKI 3 – May 2012

The release of the last MP9 TKI 3 some 25 months ago could be a major signal of a platform shift.

We had a further little dig around history at the Inferno MP777 platform which predated the MP9, it’s time was fairly short-lived, a lifespan of only 4 years until the MP9 showed up:

Original 777 – July 2004
MP777 SP2 – July 2005
MP777 WC – October 2006

Likewise the MP7.5 which really moved things on only lasted for about 4 years, so on it’s sixth birthday the MP9 soldiers on. It might simply be coincidence but the time between the last 777 WC release and the first MP9 TKI release was 24 months, we’re now past that time frame with the MP9 TKI3, so is it time for the successor?