Day one is in in the books at FEMCA and the Japanese master Hara-san has come out on top driving his SWORKz buggy.  Q1 and Q2 went to Hara, he showed his young compatriot Wataru Takashiro how to manage the run and ended the day all smiles.  Right behind Hara was Wataru with two second place finishes for the day, Wataru has the pace to race and even possibly beat Hara – he will just have keep his mistakes to a minimum.

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Just behind the Japanese is the Australian pair of Zac Ryan and Aaron Stringer, both drivers having a third and fourth they are closely matched.  The JConcepts shod Kyosho of Ryan looks more stable than the Sweep Kyosho of Stringer, it will be interesting to watch this battle as they chase down the Japanese.

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Malaysians David Lim and Daniel Law put their home track advantage to great use ending up fith and sixth.  Chen from Taiwan and Ali ended up just behind the locals, a good effort considering the minimal laps they have had.  The Kyosho trio of Agus, Wangsanegara and Ben Panic put their knowledge of the track to good use, they had travelled to 3Stonepark for the last round of the Malaysian nationals and they ended the day in tenth, eleventh and thirteenth.  All will be looking to better their pace come tomorrow.

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The opening ceremony was scheduled to occur post qualification however it was cancelled at the last minute and rescheduled for Wednesday.  Plenty of questions were being raised in the pits, the sun was out and the track was amazing.  Why Q3 was not being run was topic of conversation.  In what was another strange choice on top of the late decision to run eight qualifiers drivers were bemused as the rain can fall at any time here in Asia.  It seemed to most that we should be making use of the sun and sensational track.  On to day two of qualifying……

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