The organisers behind September’s 15th IFMAR 1/8 Buggy World Championships have triumphantly been in contact sending the ‘official brochure’ for the event, suggesting that Catania on Sicily is the most convenient airport to fly to, address of the track, a reminder that they staged an onroad Worlds here some 9 years ago on the Messina beachfront.

Last but not least suggestions of various attractions and cultural excursions which will no doubt be of zero interest to the majority of professional racers that descend on the island just across from the mainland.What is interesting is the new information that the organisers have posted a photoshopped version of the Naxos worlds track which might suggest an all organic dirt track surface (there is no comment on this officially).

“The new track will be 350m long, about 45 sec per lap”

Towards the end of July the area will be closed for works in preparation for the main event in late September, and encouragingly,

“when the works will be finished no driver will be allowed to practice/race till the official start of the Worlds”

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