Miguel Matias takes Portuguese Nat Rd3

Last weekend the 3rd round of Portugese National Championship series took place where the 2010 EFRA European Championship was held in Guarda. This track is well known for being very hard and demanding not only for the drivers but especially for the cars, tyres and engines. Miguel Matias claimed the overall victory ahead of Nuno Rebelo and Bruno Coelho who finished in second and third respectively. 

Final results:

  1. Miguel Matias
  2. Nuno Rebelo “Tapas”
  3. Bruno Coelho
  4. João Lopes
  5. Tiago Aguiar
  6. Nuno Casal Ribeiro
  7. João Figueiredo
  8. Ricardo Monteiro
  9. Miguel Pires
  10. Carlos Durães
  11. Gonçalo Melo
  12. Rui Brites