JQ at the 2014 EFRA Euros Warmup

Three years after the last euros being held in Germany the same club will host the most prestigious event in Europe for 2014. Traditionally there was a warm up race, held on 16~18 May with 115 drivers from all over Europe in attendance to fight for the #1 spot! Like every year Joseph Quagraine attended the race to prepare for the Euros main event which will be held in two months time. While being forced to write this brief report and try to discover something that not everyone knows I realized that a diabolical coincidence has occurred during this race, since religious matters seem to be a hot subject among the RC community. 

Here is what I discovered: Joseph ended up 6th overall after four practice rounds were done and finished 6th in the 1/2 A final as if this wasn’t enough after the hard 45 minute final JQ’s final position was 6th! Our factory team driver Rayan Medjoubi who also attended the race with his REDS powered THECar White Edition with AKA tires was ranked in the 21st place after practice and managed a spot in the 1/4 final which would see him sitting in the 29th position in the overal results. Continue reading here.