After a longstanding policy of ‘no internal photos’ of their new car car, Team Associated’s RC8 prototype successor has popped up in the VRC Pro simulator, under a different guise: the ‘RX8’.

For those who had seen photos of the prototype, they immediately recognised the narrow chassis, distinctive shock towers and suspension arms, finally the rest of former Associated designer Josh Alton’s car is revealed to the world in surprising circumstances, rendering the assumed release of the actual RC8 B2 a bit of an anticlimax.

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Whilst its clear that Team Associated have wholeheartedly embraced the VRC Pro simulator platform, to the extent of handing over complete drawings of the new buggy so as to feature as a faster ‘modified’ chassis in the sim, rather clever marketing actually. We do question some of the logic but look forward to following the new platform’s progress whether virtual or in reality.

The story continues! Watch this space. See www.VRCWorld.com

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