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VRC Pro have finally released the world famous Pattaya track from Thailand with the 2010 IFMAR Worlds layout which witnessed Cody King’s historic victory.

The track presents you with 450 meters of Thai dirt, daring doubles, triples and quads; optimized to be used in both directions so you get 2 tracks in 1!

Are you ready for this challenge? Don’t travel to Thailand, this ‘mother of all off-road tracks’ will come to you! Download VRC Pro at, it’s free-to-play with 5 spec cars and 8 tracks. You can get this new exciting track in the VRC Pro e-shop and within minutes you will be enjoying the ultimate challenge in r/c off-road racing.

With the release of the Pattaya track VRC Pro now features 9 full-size off-road tracks suitable for nitro buggies and short course trucks. Future track projects include the 2013 Psycho Nitro Blast, the NEO14, Montpellier, C-netic and the Asia Contest 14 version of Pattaya. Plenty enough to keep you busy improving your off-road skills!

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