MCT Kulmbach Rebuilt – Photos

Members of the 1/8 Off Road club, MCT Kulmbach e.V, have this year built what is to be considered to be, one of Germanys top racing circuits! Designed by two of the clubs youngest drivers, Sebastian Winterstein and Christopher Schellein, the two have combined their experiences from circuits around Europe which in turn has helped create one the most challenging off road tracks for professional racers in the off-road scene.

The Track is located near to the older Kulmbacher Track that was held for over 25 years in Goldenen Feld Kulmbach Germany. With a flood light track, ramps and a thrilling drive, the energy and experience from the 28 year old club is clearly defined with a professional’s choice racing circuit for a rewarding level of racing experiences.

MCT Kulmbach Rebuilt – Photos2 MCT Kulmbach Rebuilt – Photos3 MCT Kulmbach Rebuilt – Photos4

An opening day event where all drivers were welcomed to the new track saw a positive entry of interested drivers from various neighbouring clubs around Bayern and also visits and interviews from the local press. Positive feedback from the new track were amongst the many humorous discussions that were held in the Pit Area. A surprising influx of membership enquiries to the club has helped back the decision from members to design one of the latest up to date circuits. The Kulmbacher based club have recognised the culture change in ways of demand for a flow style ramp tracks that meets the demands of even the top drivers in keeping the challenge to the final corner!

MCT Kulmbach Rebuilt – Photos5 MCT Kulmbach Rebuilt – Photos6 MCT Kulmbach Rebuilt – Photos7

Track Specifications:

  • Length: 380M
  • 10 Ramp combinations:
  • 1 Ramp: Triple
  • 2 Ramp: short double combination through spoon dip and step landing
  • 3 Ramp: Flowing triple combination with corner ramp
  • 4 Ramp: Short drop down corner ramp
  • 5 Ramp: “The Dirt Jump”
  • 6 Ramp: 2 raised adverse ramped corners
  • 7 Ramp: 2 double decker ramp ups
  • 8 Ramp: low ramp
  • 9 Ramp: Step up ramp
  • 10 Ramp: table top corner

– Surface type – Specialised Pure compact clay racing surface for optimum grip on a wide range of tyres.

Next Race:

  •  24/25. May 1st Xray Nitromaster Lauf Kulmbach
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