News has reached us that senior design engineer Josh Alton has parted ways with Team Associated. The news comes at a time where the company has struggled somewhat to get on top of it’s public ‘beta’ testing phase of the RC8 prototype successor to RC8.2, not helped by a massive set back when the majority of parts were stolen mysteriously during the Dirt Nitro Challenge in February.

Alton posted on his Facebook the exact date which suggests an abrupt end to his two-year tenure at Team Associated, sources suggesting it was an acrimonious split, after internal pressure looks to have seemingly boiled over as patience ran out over the design of the new 1/8 Buggy, a car which perhaps unfairly was expected to deliver immediate results.

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Alton previously served as design engineer for Hot Bodies and masterminded the D8 buggy which famously won the World Championships in the hands of Atsushi Hara back in 2008, a total of four D8s making the final.

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However the short lived and never-released CR8 project proved a low, a car which showed promise, innovative thinking and design cues in a small industry not famous for it, never embraced by the team, a reshuffle saw designer Torrance Deguzman join Hot Bodies and Alton quickly departed for Team Associated.

Ultimately Alton’s time with Team Associated came to an abrupt end coincidentally on the first day of Neo14 which immediately witnessed factory driver Ryan Maifield TQ the first round of qualifying with the new prototype, proving the car has the pace on the particular style of track.

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