Robert Battle claims Spanish Nat Rd1

The demanding Antas track played hosts to the first round of the Spanish nationals this past weekend which saw an intense race between multi-national champion, Robert Battle (Mugen/Novarossi) and the recently crowned Neo14 Junior champion, Oscar Baldo (Mugen/Novarossi). The young Oscar Baldo took the overall TQ leaving Battle in second position. Oscar continued to stamp his authority on the event by claiming the semi A leaving Robert to secure the Semi B victory. With Oscar’s result being faster than Battle’s he sat on pole position for the main final! 

Oscar turned his pole position into a very comfortable lead with Battle later experiencing a flameout after his first pit stop. At almost a lap down from leader Oscar, Battle started the chase, reducing the space between the two drivers with the only goal of claiming the victory! Finally to the excitement of the large crowd of spectators, reigning World Champion Battle passed Oscar with just 30 seconds to go. Oscar crossed the line in second with Ignacio Candel (Kyosho/RB) rounding off the top three.


Final result:

  1.  Robert Battle – Mugen/Novarossi
  2.  Oscar Baldo – Mugen/Novarossi
  3.  Ignacio Candel – Kyosho/RB
  4.  Bryan Baldo – Mugen/Novarossi
  5.  Agustin Illanes – Mugen/Novarossi
  6.  Antonio Almalda – RB/RB
  7.  Alberto Garica – SWorkz/RB
  8.  Juanma Vera – Kyosho/Alpha
  9.  Dani Vega – Agama/Reds
  10. Daniel Barnabe – JQ Products/Soar
  11. Andres Marcelino – RB/RB
  12. Borja Hernandez/Alpha