After the successful debut of SOAR’s 998 buggy at Neo14 where factory driver Alejandro Daras raced for the first time finishing up in the quarter finals in nitro buggy with the new car. Only days prior we published the feature ‘Introducing SOAR Seiki’, a candid if brief insight into this 1/8 offroad industry newcomer. Now with the first under their belts, Didian and his team have been in contact announcing the launch of the car is expected in next month (May).

The company also sent a message, “We are very pleased to enjoy and participate in the world-class high level competition at Neo14. We used the race to make the final tests and tweaking of the new SOAR 998 buggy, after dialing it in the car was working perfectly well and we are confident to release it worldwide next month.

Special thanks to Phil and the whole DXR team for their assistance during the event as well staging the event, SOAR is looking forward to supporting this Indoor World Championship event next year and help to make it even bigger and better. Thank you to all the racers and staff of the event.

Links: SOAR 998 ‘Under the Hood’ | ‘Introducing SOAR Seiki’ | SOAR Seiki Website 

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