Elliott Boots claims BRCA E-Buggy Rd2

The second round of the BRCA Truggy and E8 Buggy championship took place this past Sunday at Coventry Model Car club. As drivers arrived they could see that the crew at Coventry had been hard at work making some changes to the Dirt track. The track looked in great shape and it was evident that no one had been on the new layout. The sun was shining, although there was a slight chill in the air but this did not hamper the start, which was a 6 minute practice run for both classes. 3 qualifying runs were run next with the best 2 to count. Unfortunately both classes were missing several top drivers due to other commitments but this did not water down the racing. 

The finals were started off with the truggy C final. The top 4 from each final would then bump up. On the first lap the pole sitter Andrew Beaumont (Shrek) had dropped down to 8th place so the pressure was on for his bump up. Josh took the lead which is where he stayed until lap 17. It was then up to Shrek to lead the pack around the fast Coventry track where he stayed until the end. The final bump up places were closely fought out as follows:

  1. Andrew Beaumont
  2. Kayleigh Blackwood
  3. Steve Carter
  4. Andy Walsham

The track then fell silent to the C Final of the E8 buggy class. Their race was for 12 minutes again with the top 4 to bump up. The top 2 were the only 2 drivers to complete 19 laps and the next 4 places were only split by 8 seconds. The honours went as follows for the bump up positions:

  1. Lloyd Pitt
  2. Taro Cradock
  3. Darren Farley
  4. Mark McDonnell

So after a really close E8 Final the Truggy B Finalist decided that they would also put on a show. The top 3 places all completed 24 laps in the 15 minute final. The 4th place man just missed out on his 24 laps by 1.28 seconds. The places were as follows for the bump up:

  1. Allan Bridgeman
  2. Jim Thompson
  3. James Tatlow
  4. Steve Johnson

It was obvious at this stage that the time and effort that the Coventry crew had put into the track was paying off as each final was producing some of the closest and fair racing that I have seen for some time. The B Final for the E8 went one better than the C final by completing 20 laps.

  1. Ian Barnard
  2. Tommy Chung
  3. Jon Howells
  4. Fabien Simonini

Elliott Boots claims BRCA E-Buggy Rd2

At 1520hrs all 14 cars lined up for the start of the 25 minute Truggy A final. The countdown started, then 3,2,1 GO and boy did they go. Jon Hazlewood with his Agama led the field into the first corner. But he was soon to find out that this was not going to be a walk in the park. Michael Lewis supporting his new Bullitt 219 Motor was pushing him hard. He had no time to relax though as the top 5 places repeatable changed places. Lap after lap there was a different order. At the end of the 25 minutes and a brilliant A final the final places were as follows:

  1. Jon Hazlewood
  2. Michael Lewis
  3. Lewis Beach
  4. John Howells
  5. Oliver Currie
  6. Tom Saggers
  7. Ben Cosgrove
  8. Jim Thompson
  9. Steve Jonson
  10. Michael Shorey
  11. Richard Cousins
  12. Lloyd Pitt
  13. James Tatlow
  14. Allan Bridgeman

The dust had settled and the E8 Buggies were carefully positioned for the start of the A final. Elliot Boots, Kyosho was at the front of the pack and Tony Truman’s Agama at the rear. When the flag dropped 13 cars were covered in dust from Elliot’s Blistering pace. Throughout the race he posted the top 10 best laps. So it was the lower places fighting it out for the final step on the podium. Again it was a really good race to watch. The final places were as follows:

  1. Elliot Boots
  2. Simon Willetts
  3. Richard Barton
  4. Simon Reeves
  5. Michael Lewis
  6. Matthew Perry
  7. Callum Niblett
  8. Jon Howells
  9. Ben Cosgrove
  10. Tommy Chung
  11. Ian Barnard
  12. Ashley Owen
  13. Fabien Simonini
  14. Tony Truman

So that was the end of an enjoyable days racing. A big thank you goes out to the Coventry Model car Club, The Really Good Pizza Company for fantastic food. Chris – Race Director, Ashley – race referee and you the racers for a great days racing. Hope to see you all for round 3 on 1st June at Wakefield.