Over the past 12 months we’ve occasionally turned the spotlight on a newcomer to RC and 1/8 Offroad, a small company out of Taiwan called ‘SOAR SEIKI’ but with big ambitions. Already producing and manufacturing engines, the company’s design director Didian HO turned his attentions to producing their own 1/8 racing buggy – the SOAR 998 which was exclusively previewed on NeoBuggy back in January.

In this introductory feature we hope to shed some light on a company which has caught many the attention of industry insiders as the team gear up for their first big international race – this weekend’s Neo Race in the UK where Didian himself will be racing as well as factory driver, tester Alex Daras.




SOARSEIKI belongs to a company called SUNFULL Investment Group’s branch- SUNFULL Group which deals primarily in the mining industry as well as international shipping industry with their own fleet and metal related manufacturing. According to design director DIDIAN HO’s great desire of remote control car, SOAR officially launched the product development plan of our new Brand- SOARSEIKI. Through SUNFULL Group’s stronger resources for manufacturing backup, SOAR hope for a new vision for our new product.

SOARSEIKI’s official launch into RC will come in 2014 as they release the SOAR 998 Buggy, which has gone though years of testing, re-design and the strictest controls to ensure production quality.

SOAR 998-1

Although most readers will be unfamiliar with the company at this stage, design director Didian Ho has almost 30 year’s experience with RC, combined with huge company resources and excellent manufacturing techniques that makes for a winning combination and a bright future!


All in house: From design to manufacture

From design, prototyping, and manufacturing, all steps are performed in house in SOARSEIKI’s own HQ in Taiwan. From 3D composition to samples, Didian Ho takes all responsibility to coordinate and run the operation:

We attempt to create a stunning product combining creativity and specialty.”


Didian says, “when we finished samples we would airfreight them to SOARSEIKI’s European branch in Spain to operate strict function test. Why we choose to test our samples in Spain? Because we all know Spain is a country fully keen on racing.


After durability and function testing, products will go to the last stage as the examination on the officially racing contest event. After lots of racing competitions’ examination, we will be ready to make preparation for launch our products into the market.”


The three rules of quality


 1. Quality Satisfaction

We know the finest quality brings highly satisfied customers, so we insist from material sourcing to manufacture production, packaging, transport, sales and to customer service – all steps should meet and exceed requirements.


2. Customer Satisfaction

Not only must a customer be happy with his or her purchase but also the functionality and performance of it, customers can easily take function for granted however quality using excellent materials and design in dimensions is vital.


3. Design & Function

An outstanding product not only has excellent quality and functional features, but should have a visual appeal. We work hard to ensure the products we produce are of the highest form and function but also stand out from the competition.

We invest a large number of assets to upgrade our measurement equipment into the laboratory level, and verified by SGS. We deeply believe to offer products with excellent quality are our fundamental respect for customers.


And finally Didian firmly believes in the adage that ‘Quality is Power’

“SOARSEIKI is a new brand to everyone’s mind. We believe as long as we uphold our ideal, everyone would start to recognize SOARSEIKI through our products.

We will strive hard to create the star products in this field.” – Didian Ho

SOAR SEIKI is seeking distributors worldwide