Matias wins Portuguese Champ Rd1

The Portuguese 1/8th off-road championship kicked off this past weekend with the opening round held at the popular CRF Freixedas track with racers experiencing fantastic racing conditions and sunny skies! At the end of the day it was recently Xray signed Miguel Matias who secured the overall win ahead of Gonçalo Melo and Ricardo Monteiro who finished second and third respectively. 


  1. Miguel Matias
  2. Gonçalo Melo
  3. Ricardo Monteiro
  4. Pedro Figueiredo
  5. Nuno Rebelo
  6. Joao Lopes
  7. Rodrigo Luís
  8. Joao Figueiredo
  9. Rui Brites
  10. Nuno Casal Ribeiro
  11. Carlos Duraes
  12. Rui Reis