Jerome Aigoin got his title defense off to the perfect start at the weekend’s French Nationals season opener in Le Teich, near Bordeaux. Qualifying saw Yannick Aigoin fly out of the blocks claiming TQ in round 1 whilst Jerome would go fastest in rounds 2 and 3 securing himself pole for the first semi final. Yannick 2nd, Edouard Hugon 3rd, Jerome Sartel 4th and Reno Savoya in 5th – not a great start to the weekend for Savoya which would turn into a nightmare to forget.

Savoya writing on Facebook, “5th after qual. I got a 1lap penalty on my best run because I didn’t ask permission to bring my radio down the driverstand for cleaning as it was full of water! Sad system…“, it would go from bad to worse as the 3x European & French Champion once again had the rulebook thrown at him , “Disqualified because my car doesn’t roll in the box on reverse…Are you serious?Yes you are in France!“.

With Savoya left to contemplate a long domestic season ahead, this left the other finalists to duel it out and France’s top 3 wrapped up the podium spots with Jerome Aigoin finishing 16 secs ahead of Yannick (running his old custom CML/Associated car) and Jerome Sartel claiming 3rd a lap back. Jerome Aigoin dominating the first part of the final opening a comfortable gap to Yannick in 2nd on the extremely bumpy track then spent the next half managing a comfortable gap. Jean-Pierrick Sartel would come home 4th, Hugon 5th, Crolla 6th, Rayan Medjoubi 7th, Bacro 8th, Lattanzio 9th, Monin 10th, Quaresima 11th and Joffrey Defie 12th.

Image & results: www.automodelisme.com