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Arizona local boy Ryan Maifield made full use of his knowledge and experience round the SRS track as he came away with a record 4th consecutive 4WD Cactus Classic title. Maifield was in the hunt in all three A mains, winning A1, in the thick of it in a chaotic A2 which saw Tessmann walk away with the win and finally tking home 2nd in A3 behind Jorn Neumann, passing Tessmann on track to secure the title. A stunning result for Ryan Maifield, fitting that given 2015’s Cactus will be held in a new facility, Maifield would walk away with such a deserved victory. Heartbreak for Tebo however with two duff finals – A1 not even starting, a promising 3rd in A2 and then a broken slipper shaft in A3.

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2WD Mod Buggy

Two wheel proved a completely different animal to 4WD as Dakotah Phend swept everyone else aside to win A1 and A2 in style leaving the rest of the pack to decide placings in A3. In both openers it was clear that Ryan Maifield was pushing as hard as his new Associated B5M would allow but didn’t quite have the pace of Phend, however he did take the win in A3 and thereby secure 1st and 2nd in 4WD/2WD. The headlines belong to Phend for his stunning performance however, driving beyond his young age